WiFi for Liberty Schools is now ready.
There are now three networks available. 
  • Liberty Staff           --Will not work for students.
  • Liberty Students    --Will not work for staff.
  • Liberty Guest         --Open for everyone but limited bandwidth and restricted! 
  • Disregard Liberty
How to access Liberty Staff and Liberty Students networks:
    Use your username and password that you use to log onto our computers. You will need to accept terms on the splash screen.

How to access Liberty Guest:
     Just connect to Liberty Guest and accept terms on splash screen. 

Important Notes:
  • Android phones uses the term Identity instead of Username. 
  • Apple phones, you must click Trust and Join. 
  • For all Microsoft operating system laptops - In order to connect a laptop to the Liberty Staff or Liberty Students network, a short script may need be run on the laptop.  The following staff members have the software and the knowledge to run the script. - Mr. Cardiero, Mr. Palmer, Ms. Joseph, or Mr. Daniels
  • Chromebook connection - here is an example of the connection. Pick the Liberty Staff or Liberty Student, set EAP method to PEAP, Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPv2 and Server CA certificate to Do not check.
    • Contact Mr. Daniels if you have any difficulty connecting (x1327).